Currently studying video games in CNAM-ENJMIN at Angouleme. I want to provide players video games with innovative and meaningful gameplay.
You can contact me by mail at, or on twitter.

Love LoveGod

Tools : Unity, Git, Visual Studio. Language : C#.

Love LoveGod was done for an internal jam at ENJMIN. It's a towerfall like game. Instead of killing your opponent, you have to offer flowers to the LoveGod, who is watching you from the top of the screen. The main idea was using the flower as a gift and as a weapon.

We were two programmers on this project, I did the character controller. link | github link

Belette Hell

Tools : Unity, Git, Visual Studio. Language : C#.

This game was done for a project at ENJMIN, in one month, in our free time, with a team of eight people.

It's a 2 player asymmetrical shump / card game. One player play a ship and has to survive and defeat a mother ship. The other player defend the mother ship and try to kill the other player by sending waves of enemies.

Maggies Grinning Soul

Tools : Unity, Git, Visual Studio. Language : C#.

This game was made for the Ludum Dare 37, with a team of eight people.

It's a point-and-click game, where you ask questions to a spirit in order to find objects and investigate on a mysterious death.

I was the only programmer in this team. I have programmed a little tool for game designers to list questions and attach them to the objects.

Maggie's Grinning Soul finished 20th on the Ludum Dare's Overall Category ! link | github link | ludum dare link

Super Copter

Tools : Git, Visual Studio. Language : C++.

This game was done on my first week at ENJMIN. It was a pair woek with an other programmer. Our teacher gave us an double buffer script for the Windows terminal, and we had about 20h to make a C++ game.

We decided with my co-worker to make a Copter like game : you avoid walls of the cave around you by using the "up" key to propel a constantly falling Helicopter. The cool thing of this game are the walls : they are procedurally generated using a  Fractionnal Brownian Motion.

github link | animated gif